Radon Barrier Installation

Radon Gas is an issue at a significant amount of locations in Ireland.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. It has no taste, colour or smell. It is formed in the ground by the radioactive decay of uranium which is present in all rocks and soils. You cannot see it, smell it or taste it. It can only be measured with special detectors.

In affected areas, it is compulsory to install a Radon Barrier/membrane at the time of construction.

We use only the best products from the best suppliers to ensure that your construction meets all guidelines regarding the installation of these Radon Barriers.


New construction should be waterproofed to ensure that the buildings remain free of damp and mould throughout their expected lifetime.

Our extensive experience in this area ensures that your buildings will remain as unaffected as possible by water ingress.

Radon Sump and Fan Installation

Controlling Radon Gas is not just limited to new construction - quite often, older buildings are in need of remedial works to ensure Radon Gas does not seep into the building.

With this in mind, we offer Radon Remedial Works to install Radon Sumps to control, extract and dissipate any Radon Gas before it enters the Building.

Multiple Sumps can also be installed during construction instead of a utilising a Radon Barrier.

Domestic Installations

Although the majority of our work is on Industrial installations of Radon Barriers, Waterproofing and Sumps/Extraction systems, we also cover Domestic Installations.

New builds, extensions and remedial works are all covered.

No job is too small (or too remote) for us.

Our job prices are fixed and Guaranteed provided the job is not modified in any way.

You will be invoiced for the amount initially agreed upon - no 'hidden extras'.

Core Drilling

We provide Expert Core Drilling Services for both Industrial and Domestic needs.

Use of the highest quality equipment ensures excellent work and finishing for your Core Drilling needs.